Male Anatomy 101: 5 Little-Known Facts About Penis Size

A while back, the world population was a little bit reserved on matters sex and also issues to do with the male anatomy. This explains why the male enhancement industry started to witness a sensible growth only a couple of years back. Today, people can openly talk about the penis, and even act accordingly, if they are satisfied with its length, width, or its performance in the bedroom.

Are you considering undergoing penis enlargement in the near future? Or are you just in search of useful information about penis size? Here, you will find a few facts that are unknown to many people. These facts will help to debunk some of the most common myths going around.

It is impossible to make assumptions about schlong size

You must have heard people claim that they can almost tell a man’s penis size just by the look of the front bulge, or the size of the legs or hands. No scientific evidence that has confirmed these claims. There is no correlation between the penis size and other body parts. The size of the body parts has nothing to do with the penis size – unless of course, we are talking about that belly fat that hides away part of your male organ.

Relationship between flaccid and fully erect wiener

There is something else; the relationship between flaccid and fully erect penis is often twisted. You would be wrong to think that a big flaccid penis automatically takes a porn star size when it is fully erect. On the other hand, just because the flaccid penis of a guy is small, it doesn’t necessarily mean that his fully erect dick is also small. There are two types of penises – showers and growers. A shower does not gain much increase with an erection. A grower, on the other hand, gains increases significantly when erect. The majority of penises are neither extreme growers nor showers.

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There is always more than your eyes can see

Your penis size is twice the length your eyes can see. Unimaginable. Right? The rest of the little fella is usually hidden inside the pelvis. It is attached to the pubic bone. While this is true, one may argue; what is the use of having a long penis whose half of it is tucked inside the pelvis? Whatever the case; it is something worth noting.

Penis size statistics

Do you already know your actual penis size and wonder where you measure when compared to other men? Garry Griffins provides the following statistics in his book; ‘Penis Size and Enlargement: Facts, Fallacies, and Proven Methods.'

  • Only about 15 percent of men have a penis length measuring more than 7 inches when fully erect.
  • Men with penises measuring more than 8 inches long are about 3 percent
  • Only 1 in 10000 men obtains a 10-inch erection

The penis can shrink if it is not used sufficiently

How often have you been putting your penis to use? If you don’t get regular erections that last sufficiently long, the penile tissue loses elasticity which results in penis shrinkage – by a centimeter or two. Make sure you are getting enough erections that last reasonably long.

Surprised? These aren’t all of them. There are actually a lot of things that people don’t know about penis size. In the meantime, though; try and get in touch with these five realities.

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