Penis Enlargement Past, Present And Future

In modern days, penis enlargement has come to the limelight more than ever before. Perhaps this can be attributed to the invention of Internet and other technological advancements. Today, men and women have greater accessibility to information and products associated with penis enlargement. As such, a lot of people are surprised to learn that penis enlargement has actually been around for the past decades. The only difference is that a lot of improvements have been witnessed making the PE products much safer and more effective.

The history of male enhancement

Penis enlargement enjoys a rich history in many different cultures. From the Asians to the Arabs and Africans among many other cultures, bigger has always been seen as better. As far as the Asians are concerned, Chinese herbal doctors started using herbs like Yohimbe and Ginseng to enlarge the male member. As is usually the case with the majority of herbal remedies, the results would vary considerably, and consequently forcing the Asian men to seek out other alternatives. Their desperation was so bad that they started feasting upon testicles and penises of some animals. As you already would expect, this crazy method would not work either, and they would revert to the herbal medicine.

The Arabs are known for teaching their adolescent boys the jelqing technique as they transitioned to adulthood one reason being to encourage penis enlargement. Penis weights are said to have originated from the African tribes more than 2000 years ago. Although the method is considered rather dangerous, apart from the fact that it reduces penis girth, it is still a popular method of enlarging the male member.

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Modern penis enlargement

In the past, penis enlargement was not as commercialised as now. Today, the industry is blossoming with each new day. Men have the advantage of variety. There are a couple of PE techniques, and thanks to growth in technology, they are a lot safer and more effective. They range from penis enlargement devices such as extenders, improved penis weights, and penis pumps, to creams, lotions, pills, patches and surgery. There are many different brands that men can choose from.

Apart from the availability of PE products, there is a lot of scientific research being performed about penis enlargement. Therefore, modern men have accessibility to information pertaining to the existence, safety as well as the efficacy of PE products. Besides being able to order these products from the comfort of their homes, they can also learn how to use them by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Cosmetic surgery is almost becoming a common procedure in modern times.

The future of penis enlargement

Seeing things as they are at present, men can only hope for better innovations in the future. More effective and safer penis enlargement products are expected to be discovered thanks to the increased scientific research initiatives. The fact that doctors are specialising in the area of cosmetic surgery means that the best is yet to come. The fear that makes men hesitant of pursuing penis enlargement will soon be overtaken by insurmountable confidence. Nothing will stop men from seeking male enhancement. Women should, therefore, brace themselves up for bigger erections and better sex!

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