5 Things Every Woman Should Know About The Male Penis

There are individuals who believe that they have had enough guys in their lifetime already. On the same note, they tend to think that they know their way around the male penis. The truth of the matter is; regardless of the number of men you have been with Ė whether one or ten, you probably know very little about the penis than you thought.

Today, I would love to enlighten you on issues about the male member. Here, I have rounded up some of the most interesting facts, yet things you ought to know about the male penis. Keep reading.

The surrounding areas of the penis can equally sensitive

The penis may appear as the ultimate, or rather the only and largest part of his orgasm, yet there are other areas which comprise of the hidden hotspots. A case in point is the male G-Spot is situated on their prostate and the perineum (the skin situated between the butt and the scrotum are major points of climax. This is something that every woman needs to know. With this kind of knowledge, you will take your man to heaven and back.

When it comes to the penis, size matters

On average, the manís penis is approximately 3inches in terms of length when flaccid and somewhere between 4.5 and 6.5 inches when erect. While this may sound just fine and satisfactory to you, it isnít the case for men. A good number of men usually worry about the size of their penises. Even the average sized men believe that their dicks are too small.

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Surprisingly, the majority of women donít have any issues with the penis size- about 85 percent of them. It is important that you understand this kind of insecurity exists among the men. This way, you will know how to make him feel at ease.

The penis is extremely flexible

It appears rigid- especially when erect. Apparently, the male member is more flexible than you thought. A research conducted by the University of Stanford in 2002 analysed couples having sexual intercourse under an MRI. The findings revealed that the penis usually takes the shape of a boomerang when inside the vagina- using the missionary position. Sounds bizarre? Well, now you know to what extent the male member is flexible.

Smoking can make the penis smaller

If you have been trying to make your partner quit smoking, you now have a more convincing reason why he should. The penis can shorten by up to one centimetre. This is pretty much saddening. His erections are dependent on the flow of blood and smoking reduces circulation, you may use this as the greatest excuse for him to quit this bad habit. No man wants to hear that his penis can reduce in size- not considering the fact that he already believes that his dick isnít as big as it should be.

Penile fracture can happen

Although the male member is boneless, it can break- regardless of his age. Most of the time though penile fracture occurs among the young men. Some of the factors that can cause fracture include abrupt lateral bending and blunt trauma when the penis is erect. For this reason, ensure that you and your partner practise safe sexual positions- especially when you are on top.

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