5 Ancient Penis Enlargement Techniques Used And Why They Worked Or Didn't Work

When planning to start something new, for instance, a lifestyle adjustment program, it is advisable to conduct a thorough background research about the subject matter. Establish its origin, at what point in the history, did it work for people, and if yes, how? Having an in-depth understanding of what you intend to pursue is of paramount importance. It helps you to understand what to expect, and more so the challenges experienced by people who have done it before. Here, we look at some of the ancient techniques used by men to enlarge their penises. Explanations of whether they worked or not and why are also provided.

Penile stretching – Polynesian and African cultures

Margaret Mead, an anthropologist, found out that the ancient Polynesian men used stretching technique to enhance their penis size. A woven sleeve made of plant fiber would first be wrapped around the penis. Then, a heavy object such as a rock would be hung from the end of it. African men are said to have used this method as well. They would hang weights on the penis head to stretch the penile tissue. Apparently, this approach worked, but it wasn’t without shortcomings. While men received lengthened penises, their girths seemed to diminish. Also, penis stretching caused a dulled sex sensation because of the nerve damage.

Jelqing – Arab culture

The origin of jelqing (a typical PE technique in modern days) attracts varying explanations. However, the evidence seems to trace the practice to the Arabic world. It was so prevalent that even the young boys were taught how to do it. Jelqing is quite similar to the ordinary masturbation as it entails massaging the penis in a semi-erect state. It significantly helps to increase the amount of blood flowing to the penis. This method is still being used in modern times – and highly recommended for that matter. Increased flow of blood to the penile shaft helps in the repair and restoration of cells, which promotes penis growth over time.

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Traditional Chinese medicine

You must already have read about the ancient Chinese medicine outside the context of male enhancement. This PE technique has been in use for the longest time and is still popular among the modern male population. Herbal aphrodisiacs provide a safer alternative of enlarging the schlong. The medicine contains herbal, and plant extracts such as ginseng and yohimbe are known to significantly improve a person’s sexual appetite, besides enhancing the normal function of your little fella. Numerous research studies have proved that herbal aphrodisiacs promote male enlargement. However, they don’t deliver significant gains if used singlehandedly.

Consumption of the penis

Simply unbelievable! Severed penis consumption is one of the weirdest methods used by men in the ancient. People believed that they would increase their penis size just by eating a castrated penis of a slave, or of particular animals. Crazy! As you would expect, it didn’t work – but perhaps it just played tricks with their psychology.

Poisonous snakes

While the modern man wants nothing to do with a snake, let alone a deadly one, it played a crucial role in the past. The Topinama tribe of Brazil held snake poison in the highest regard. A bite from a venomous snake was believed to cause substantial male enlargement. Imagine someone having the guts to withstand a painful snake bite for more than six months! Give this practice whatever name you want to give it, but it was seen as a small sacrifice by the Topinama men. They would go to any length to have a lengthier and wider penis.

How much would you be willing to do to make your dream of having a bigger penis come true? As you ponder over this, just note that you are in luck to have lived in this generation. Technological advancements have brought about safer and more innovative techniques of male enhancement. You just have to choose what you feel will work best.

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