Measure Your Penis First

Quantifiable measurements are crucial when pursuing a given goal. Measuring the penis before embarking on penis enlargement provides you with a starting point. Besides, how will you gauge your performance if you don’t know where you began? Also, the starting is a useful tool for setting realistic goals.

You cannot claim that you will determine improvements just by looking the penis. Subjective is not accurate. Human beings aren’t good judges when it comes to judging themselves.You may either give yourself too much credit, or be hard on yourself, yet you are making progress. Lastly, measuring the penis can give you the motivation you will so desperately need in penis enlargement. During those moments when you feel like you aren’t making any progress, the penis measurements will be the truth meter.

So, how do you measure your penis? Of course, you need to take the length and girth measurements. Let’s see how you should go about it:

How to measure the length – erect

The reason we are using an erect penis length is that it is the one that matters most to many people. A straight ruler is the most recommended tool in this instance. Straight rulers are preferred to measuring tapes because they give accurate measurements. It may be done in either of two ways; bone pressed, and non bone-pressed.

Bone –pressed

This method entails placing the ruler on the shaft and then pushing it all the way to the pubic bone. Whatever you get is known as bone pressed erect length. It is the most preferred technique because the exact measurements are obtained.

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Non-Bone Pressed

It is the same as the bone-pressed method, only that the ruler isn’t pressed. The ruler shouldn’t touch the pubic bone.

Regardless of the method, you are using, it must be done while in a standing position. Try measuring your penis while standing, and then while sitting. You will get different results. As such, each time you are taking penis measurements, do so while standing. Also, consistency is critical. For this reason, choose one preferred method and stick with it to facilitate generation of accurate results throughout the PE program.

How to measure the girth – erect

If you have researched extensively, you must already be in a position to appreciate the fact that the majority of women would choose a bigger girth over a lengthier, yet slim penis. A long penis is good to the eye, but a wider one offer more sexual fulfillment – at least according to the opinion of many women. For this reason, it is wise also to focus on increasing the penis girth. So, how is it done?

You may approach in either of the following two ways:

  1. The measuring tape is wrapped around the penis and measurements noted down

  2. A piece of string may be fully wrapped around the penis and measurement marked on it. The string is then placed on top of the ruler to determine the actual measurements.

Pro tip: whether you take measurements in the middle of the penis or the penis shaft, always use the same position throughout the PE program. Consistency must be pursued at all times aid a successful penis enlargement program.

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