The 5 Ranges For Penis Size – What Is Your Number?

When it comes to the penis size, we all want to know how we compare with the rest of the male population. Even if we don’t wish to do anything to change it, we still feel a little bit at peace upon knowing where we range. The majority of people have gauged their penis sizes as to whether it’s below or above the average size – slightly over 5 inches. This article offers you a new and perhaps easier way of determining where you stand.

Here, you will find five ranges of penis size. It should help you establish what your number is, after which you can put to rest the pending issue of male enhancement.

Size 1

It is the smallest penis size as far as this scale is concerned. When erect, a size one penis measures up to 4 inches. This category carries men who are naturally small, as well as those with a micropenis. Unfortunately, having a micropenis has proved to be a serious condition. Don’t get it twisted, though; it is not about the physical reasons but rather the emotional and psychological problems linked to possessing a third leg measuring less than 2.75 inches when erect. Thankfully, this condition can be treated with hormone replacement therapy and numerous surgical methods. It is estimated that around 5 percent of the male population fall in size one range.

Size 2

If you are between 4 and 5 inches long when erect, you belong to this class. It is believed that approximately 20 percent of the men belong to this category. As such, it is a relatively common occurrence. People in this group who wish to enlarge their penises can easily do so with the help of enlargement devices such as pumps and extenders. While this group of men has concerns about their penis sizes, it isn’t as much as the one experienced by people in size one category.

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Size 3

About 50 percent of men are in size three class. Their penises measure from 5 to slightly over 6 inches in length – when erect. In many countries, this is the average size. The early reports done on human sexuality were flawed and managed to make men believe that 7 inches were the norm. Technically, a person within this class wouldn’t necessarily need a transformation. However, a good number of size three men have gone ahead with it and successfully obtained the next size upwards.

Size 4

Do you measure somewhere between 6.25 and 7.5 inches in length? If yes, this is where you belong. In my opinion, you needn’t worry about penis size. If you are already considering undergoing penis enlargement, be careful not to have a penis that isn’t proportional to the rest of your body.

Size 5

This range is considered a little bit too much. Nature operates in an entirely weird manner. When someone in category 1, 2 and three is looking for a way to increase his penis size, someone else in size five may feel awkward for having an extraordinarily bigger member. But what can we do? That’s just how life is – one man’s meat, is another man’s poison. We change what we can, and be content with that which is beyond our control.

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