Why Do Men Want A Bigger Penis?

This question wouldn’t have come at a better time. Besides, topics surrounding penis enlargement have almost become the order of the day. The penis enlargement market is flooded with all sorts of products to help men make their dream of having a bigger penis a reality. It, therefore, appears that the urge to have an extended member is a desire for almost all the men. In as much as not all of them go for male enhancement, at least most of them wish they had a bigger member.

The question is; why is it so important for them? Well, there seem to be sufficiently good reasons for the hype.

First and foremost, the number one reason is attributed to the fact that masculinity, or manhood, tends to be linked to the size of the penis. Apparently, men who are well packaged are said to be more masculine compared to those who aren’t. How this came to be is something that isn’t exactly easy to explain. The society views it from this point. The sense of insecurity arising from this perception has made men get so concerned about their penis size.

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Secondly, men tend to believe that they need a bigger penis to satisfy their partners sexually. If you are like me, you know that this isn’t exactly correct. As far as I am concerned, sex is an art. Penis size doesn’t directly determine the sexual capability of a man per se. Delivering sexual fulfilment is largely dependent on how the whole thing is approached. It is about a man understanding his limitations and doing something different to make up for it.

In any case, aren’t there small packaged men who deliver incredible performances in the bedroom? On the same note, aren’t there men who are incredibly packaged, yet make the worst lovers? Sex is typically an art that demands exploration and adventure to ensure fulfilment. Understand the needs of your partner such as what she likes most during lovemaking. Incorporate foreplay and different sex styles and positions. You will be amazed by what your “small” man can do.

Thirdly, men want to compare well with their colleagues – whether in the workplace, school, neighbourhood or just within their social cycles. Ever heard of the locker room comparison? You will see a man staring at another man’s dick. No, he isn’t gay! Rather, he stares to determine how he compares to other men. If he is bigger than fellow men in the house, this alone is enough to boost his confidence to significantly high levels. The opposite is also true. If he feels lesser packaged than others, his confidence and self-esteem levels can go down to the ground.

Unfortunately, almost all the aspects of his life may suffer -from business to work, to academic, and even his social life. If a man feels inadequate, you will think that the whole world came crumbling down around him. It is such an ugly incident. When it comes to this point, only two things can bring a turnaround – a personal realisation that the size of a penis doesn’t determine his manhood, or the right penis enlargement product/technique.

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