Vaginal Satisfaction From A Thick Penis, Stimulation From Penis Girth

Contrary to what many people think, the penis girth plays a more important role when it comes to sexual fulfillment for women. It is no wonder many women do not seem to give much attention to penis size – or length to be precise. Sexual satisfaction is not singlehandedly founded on a long penis. Numerous other factors come into such as the female anatomy. If you thought you need a lengthier penis to make a woman happy in bed, you are so damn wrong! Keep reading to find out why it is the width of your dick that you need to pay more attention to – just in case you are already planning to pursue penis enlargement.

The woman’s anatomy

The preference of a thick penis can sufficiently be explained using a woman’s anatomy. The clitoris is not as small as the majority of people tend to think. It is not a small structure as referred to by many people. Rather, it is an extensive internal network made of erectile tissue that reacts to sexual stimulation – as it is full of nerve endings. The external part that is visible is the glans clitoris commonly termed as the “delicate little pearl.” We must, therefore, begin by appreciating the fact that the largest portion of the clitoris is internal, and that it covers nearly the entire pelvic floor.

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It is the inner structure of the clitoris that explains the fascination associated with a thicker erect penis over a lengthier one. Beyond the glans clitoris is a large structure inward resembling an inverted V – on both sides of the vaginal opening. Then there is a vestibular bulb on every side of the vaginal opening. They are the almond-shaped parts of the erectile tissue that fill with blood when a woman is sexually aroused. Besides becoming firm, they push outward on the labia. Immediately in front of the vaginal opening, there are other areas of erectile tissue that surrounds the urethra, as well as under the perineum area (the area between the anus and the vaginal opening).

When a woman is sexually aroused, all the above-mentioned erectile tissue fill with blood. A cuff forms around the whole of the vaginal opening. A woman experiences pleasurable sensation during vaginal penetration. This is attributed to the pressure felt against the entire erectile tissue. How does it feel when you squeeze your erection in your hand? A woman feels the same way during penetration. This feeling is not only delicious on its own, but the pressure also helps to generate a little pulling and tugging on the clitoral structure during the thrusts. Women love this source of stimulation during sex because the clitoris has many nerve endings.

If you have been keen, you will realise that it is not difficult to understand why women treasure the pleasurable sensation of penis girth during penetration. You may also use the shaft of your erection to rub the sides of the vaginal opening which helps to create a sense of more thickness. Men need to shift their attention from what their penis lengths can do to the power of penis girth. It guarantees female sexual satisfaction most of the time.

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