Women Prefer Big Penises Because They Give More Psychological Pleasures

Nothing is ever perfect in this world. The many concepts or phenomenon designed to explain different aspects of life do not incline to one side wholly. Take for instance the question of whether women pay any attention to the size of their partners’ penises. By and large, a huge percentage of the female population have confirmed that they do not care about penis size. What does this mean? In my opinion, many interpretations can be made from this statement. It just depends on how you choose to perceive issues.

In as much as women do not give a damn about what size their male partners are, are there any chances that they would make special preferences if given the opportunity to choose? Would it be correct to say that women prefer big penises because they are associated with more psychological pleasure? Answer – an emphatic YES!

To better understand this claim, we will have to delve further into psychological pleasure. Sexual desire in women is more complex and fragile than in men. It is less linked to biology and more tied to psychology than you would ever imagine. Sexual desire in women is highly variable, and it is dependent on a number of factors including how one feels about herself, what is going in her life and of course her partner’s style of lovemaking. Have you ever heard your partner say “Not now, I have a headache”? More often, she does not have a headache, but rather, she just doesn’t feel like having sex.

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Surprisingly, there is a correlation between big penises and immense psychological pleasure in women. A group of researchers decided to find out if the penis size has any psychological impact on the sexual arousal of females. The participants comprised of undergraduate women. Each of them was requested to read a sexually arousing story where the male character was depicted to have either a small, medium-sized or large penis. Here is the most interesting part; in as much as the all the stories were significantly arousing, there wasn’t any noticeable difference in the level of sexual arousal of the women based on the size of the penis of the characters.

There is more – one thing stood out. The women with higher erotophilia – meaning those with a high likely of responding to sexual stimuli positively – were more sexually aroused in response to the stories whose male characters were depicted to have big penises than the medium or small ones. As such, if a woman has a tendency to respond to sexual cues in a favorable manner, chances of experiencing more arousal to sexual cues like a large penis are higher compared to that of any other woman.

From these research findings, we can safely conclude that the size of a penis matters to some women – from a psychological perspective. In the same way that men have a spot for vaginas and firm boobs. They are usually happier talking about them, but even more satisfied during lovemaking.

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