Penis Enlargement FAQs

Does penis enlargement work for everyone?

While many men who have tried penis enlargement realised amazing results, every person’s experience is unique. Different people obtain varying results. You can never rely on the testimonies or experiences of others to prove that penis enlargement works. Besides, circumstances and other useful parameters are always different for other people. As such, the only way for you to find out if it is right for you is to try.

What is the right penis enlargement product for me?

This is a quite difficult question, as there isn’t one accurate way of determining. There are many PE products on the market. In as much as some products are effective when used singlehandedly, experts recommend the use of the combination approach. Not every routine will work for you. If one does not deliver or works against you, try another one. Continue to explore, without tiring, until you find the right combination of routine.

What is the age limit for pursuing penis enlargement?

While there is no age limit for male enhancement, it is not recommended for men who have not attained 18 years, as the penis might still be growing naturally during this time. Otherwise, if you are above 18 years, you have a go ahead. For men who are above the 50s and beyond 60s, penis enlargement may not necessarily deliver gains. However, it is great for maintenance and improvement of the quality of erection. Nevertheless, if performed on a regular basis, gains are also achievable.

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Do nutrition and lifestyle affect my penis enlargement efforts?

Yes, they do! Penis enlargement can be equated to weight loss. If you work out, but feed on the wrong foods, you will make little or no progress at all. The same case applies to penis enlargement. One must change his lifestyle habits such as quit cigarette smoking, quit alcohol consumption or minimise the intake, and most importantly, you must eat right. Besides supporting your PE efforts, the right diet is crucial to the overall health of your penis such as sperm count, erection quality and better orgasms among many others. Aim at leading a healthy lifestyle, feed on the right foods in the right portions, drink enough water daily and get sufficient sleep every night.

Is penis enlargement worthwhile?

If you are well packaged, and your penis functions properly, you do not need penis enlargement. Penis enlargement is recommended for individuals who have small penises, or a person who desires to gain one or two inches. If you think your penis is perfect, don’t pursue PE just for the sake of it. Other reasons where individuals pursue male enhancement is to improve or maintain erection quality through improvement of blood circulation. Men with Peyronie's disease may also opt for penis enlargement techniques/products such as penis pumps to have a straighter penis.

Is penis enlargement safe?

Penis enlargement is safe if approached correctly. If soreness or extreme pain is experienced, discontinue the process immediately. Sharp pains, numbness and extreme coldness on the penis area are signs that something is wrong. Use the product as instructed, practise persistence and patience, and further, explore practical means of realising measurable gains.

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