5 Ancient Penis Enlargement Techniques Used And Why They Worked Or Didn't Work

Ancient Arab times

During the ancient Arabic times, a person’s penis held much importance in the society. As such, young boys were taught how to enlarge their members using jelq – a penile exercise technique. Jelqing, which is almost the same as masturbation entails massaging a semi-erect cock in a manner that increases blood flow to the penis shaft area. This PE technique is still popular today, and modern men use it to increase both the penis girth and length. By increasing the flow of oxygenated blood to the penis area, the penis expands, obtains micro tears which, when repaired and restored, the penis becomes bigger. The fact that it bore results back then explains why it is still widely in use today.

Polynesian Men

The ancient Polynesian, Indian Sadhus tribes and Egyptians share a history of stretching the penis via weight hanging. They would wrap their penises with a woven sleeve made of plant fiber and then hang a rock, or any other heavy object at the end. The objective was to stretch the penile shaft. In as much as this technique worked, the end results disadvantaged the penis girth as the penis appeared longer, but excessively thin. It is no wonder this PE method has lost its glory in recent years. Some tribes from Africa would hang weights at the end of the penis.

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Traditional Chinese medicine

Until today, people rely on traditional Chinese medicine to treat a vast array of illnesses and conditions. Herbal aphrodisiacs came in handy for penis enlargement in the past. Active ingredients such as ginseng and yohimbe were consumed to facilitate penis growth. TCM was used alongside penis enlargement exercises such as jelqing and many others. The herbs would increase not only the penis size and erection but also the sexual appetite. Today, herbs and plant extracts are used in the manufacture of penis pills, lotions, creams and patches. Modern men use these penis enlargement products together with another technique such as penis extenders or exercises to promote better growth.

Topinama, Brazil

In Brazil, men from the tribe of Topinama allowed poisonous snakes to bite their penis to increase in size. Sadly, they had to tolerate the excruciating pain for up to six months. For them, it was worth the sacrifice. It was a trade-off that they were not willing to pass for anything else in the world. This highly unsafe and potentially fatal PE method is not in use today.

Penis pumps

During the 20th century, penis enlargement became of age – thanks to civilization. Otto Lederer, an Austria, invented a more advanced penis pump and made it commercially available. The penis pump is designed to swell up the blood cells if used regularly. Over time, the male member increases in both length and girth. Technological advancements have led to the invention of safer and more effective penis enlargement pumps. Men suffering from Peyronie's disease and impotence may use these penis pumps to restore the normal functionality of their penises.

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