Penis Enlargement Methods To Avoid

More and more men are braving up to the idea of male enlargement. In the past few decades, only a small percentage of men were willing to go through penile enlargement, let alone talk about it. One of the things attributed to more men joining the race for bigger penises is the availability of effective, affordable, safe and convenient PE techniques.

The market is already flooded and consumers are spoilt for choice. However, it is not all good. Some methods cannot be relied upon for practical reasons. Some are unsafe; others are nothing close to being effective, while others are a complete waste of money. Men have fallen victim of scams that are all over the Internet. If a penis enlargement device such as extenders has been proven to be medically safe, not all brands are trustworthy. As such, consumers ought to practice utmost caution when choosing a PE product to avoid potential frustrations and disappointments.

Today, we look at some of the PE methods to avoid for varying reasons.

Penis enlargement surgery

The surgical method of enlarging the member has proven to work. Nevertheless, a person should only consider it as a last resort – when all other methods have failed to work. In as much as it is highly effective, compared to other methods, penis enlargement surgery carries the highest possible risk anyone can ever face in the PE industry. It must be performed by a reputable and extensively experienced surgeon. When you choose this path, the safety and wellbeing of your most precious body part lie in the hands of your surgeon, and you will just have to live with the outcome – whether good or bad.

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Penis pumps

Penis pump was designed with the people with impotence and Peyronie's disease in mind. Ideally, one cannot fully rely on it to obtain permanent penis gains. It only delivers temporary penis increase to facilitate a long sexual encounter – for men who have problems maintaining an erection. As such, look for other proven ways of enlarging the penis permanently, unless you are looking for a temporary solution.

Penis weights

Sales language will tell you that the current penis weights are safer and more effective. The truth is; penis weights are not ideal for penis enlargement. First and foremost, they strain your penile tissue excessively, which could lead to penis damage – at times irreversible. The penis enlargement process should not only be effective but also guarantee your safety. Remember, you are dealing with the most sensitive part of your reproductive system, and as such, wouldn’t want anything to go wrong. Another disadvantage of penis weights is that the penis may become excessively long making the girth disappear. As you must already have realised, women do not care about the length but are more concerned with the girth for sexual satisfaction. It is, therefore, wise to consider a PE product alternative that guarantees both penis length and girth increases.

Penis extenders and natural exercises such as jelqing offer impressive outcomes. Just make sure to use them as instructed, and you will be smiling a few months from now.

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