What Are The Side Effects Of Male Enhancement Pills That Men Usually Experience?

Their ability to deal with the various sexual health problems that men face is the number one reason they have become a darling to many. Male enhancement pills have also gained their popularity from the fact that they are readily available and more affordable compared to other male enhancement products. Besides offering convenience and privacy in terms of their usage, they are also said to be relatively safe. However, just like other PE products/techniques, penis pills usually have several side effects, and being aware of them helps the user to know what to expect, and how to deal with the side effects should they encounter them.


Even though it is not a common occurrence, some men suffer from allergic reactions after using male enhancement pills. Allergies are the most overlooked side effects of male enhancement pills. At times, it may take a long while before you begin to experience allergic reactions. One of the reactions to look out for is difficult in breathing after swallowing a male enhancement pill. If this happens, consult your doctor immediately because you could be staring at a medical emergency.

Rapid heartbeat

Increased heart rate and blood pressure is the most common side effect experienced by users of penis pills. It explains why men suffering from hypertension are warned against using penis pills. However, this reaction is to be expected seeing that the majority of male enhancement pill contain stimulants. Furthermore, as long as you are a healthy male (something that should be decided by your doctor), your body should respond in the safest manner possible. The challenge lies in users who have a pre-existing health problem or cases of irregular heartbeat.

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Nausea or vomiting – and sometimes both

This side effect is not new to us. It happens even with some of the prescription drugs we have taken at some point in our lives. It is not only an uncomfortable side effect but also a scary experience, especially if nausea translates into vomiting. The good news is that this side effect subsides fairly quickly, although it can stick around for a couple of hours. One of the ingredients that are known for causing this bad reaction is Yohimbe – a highly potent aphrodisiac.


Headaches are also pretty common in people who use male enhancement pills. Note that none of the herbs is known to cause more headache than the other. Besides drinking plenty of water, and taking a suitable pain reliever, there is nothing much you can do about the headaches. In many instances, headaches are preceded or followed by anxiety and irritability.

Prolonged erection

A good number of men suffer from premature ejaculation and others erectile dysfunction. While you may think that these are the two most embarrassing sexual disorders, wait until you have to deal with prolonged erections. Medically known as Priapism, a prolonged erection happens in about 2 percent of male enhancement pills users and entails an erection lasting for more than a few hours.

While you cannot get a product that is purely free of side effects, ensure to purchase high-quality male enhancement pills. Your safest bet is buying them from a reliable seller/manufacturer.

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