10 Strategies To Keep Your Dream Job From Ruining Your Erections

Landing your dream job is obviously one of the best things that will ever happen to you. However, it is obviously not the only good thing that is going on in your life. Your sex life and relationship is also critical. Unfortunately, if you are not careful, your dream job has the potential to ruin your performance in the bedroom. Excessive involvement with your job might get in the way of your sex drive, stamina, and at times, your erections. Before it gets this far, let us consider ten useful strategies for ensuring a healthy balance between the performance in your dream job, and your sex life.

  1. Learn to say no – Teach yourself to say no to extra work that eats into your personal time. You just have to know how to do it respectfully, without having to deal with guilt later on.
  2. Stress management – Pressures from work are almost inevitable. Unfortunately, they can adversely impact your erections. Find a proper way of managing stress that emanates from your work environment.
  3. During work hours, give your work the best you can. While you want to perform extremely well in the bedroom, you do not want your work to suffer either. To get a proper balance, ensure to work as much as you can while at the office.
  4. Do not carry your work home. Unless it is necessary, do not carry work at home. At the end of the day, ensure to get enough rest at home, with your partner.
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  6. It is advisable that you have some alone time every once in a while. It could be when you are commuting or walking to work or home. It could be during the weekend, or in the evening when you are waiting for your partner to get home.
  7. Spare some gym time. Do not be too busy at work to the extent that you never have enough time to work out. You do not necessarily need a gym subscription – a morning or evening jog/walk/run should do. Besides helping to keep your weight in check, physical exercises improve the blood flow which reflects in your strong and lasting erections.
  8. Whenever you spend time with your partner, ensure to make the most out of it. Remember, it does not have to be a whole day set aside, or several hours. It does not have to be anything predetermined. Instead, make maximum use of every second you are together. For instance, consider taking showers together, watching a movie in the evening after work, preparing dinner or breakfast together, having lunch together (away from the office) and so on and so forth.
  9. Spend time away from home such as planned date nights. Date nights are known to create a romantic environment, and this is what you need every once in a while, or as frequently as your schedules can afford.
  10. Keep communication lines open. One of the major causes of relationship deaths is a lack of proper communication. In the midst of your busy job, sex chat her – don’t just ask how her day is going. Use the romantic side of her to tickle her senses and get her sexually excited. It does your erections a lot of good.
  11. Schedule your working hours. Technology has made it possible for workers to schedule their work hours the way they want. If your work allows you this kind of liberty, consider working out a plan that allows you enough time with your partner, instead of working too much and making your relationship suffer. One of the primary causes of erection problems is poor relationship. For this reason, consider doing everything possible to make your relationship better.

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