Can Penis Enhancement Pills Increase The Volume I Ejaculate?

Are you thinking of taking penis pills to increase the amount you ejaculate and wondering whether or not it will meet your needs? Most men, especially those in marriages, tend to worry about the volume of ejaculate they release thinking that a huge ejaculate volume will get their spouses pregnant or make them happier in bed. This compulsion drives them to purchase pills as a way of meeting their needs. In reality, do penis pills enhance the volume you ejaculate?

Ejaculation refers to the release of semen from a male reproductive system. Most ejaculations usually go together with orgasm. An ejaculation volume, on the other hand, refers to the amount of semen produced during ejaculation, which is 2ml to 5ml for an average man. Ejaculation exists in two major phases; the emission and ejaculation. Emission is where the sperm and seminal fluids are deposited in the posterior urethra while ejaculation is where the ejaculate is propelled out of the urethra.

The volume of an ejaculation usually varies significantly from one man to another, estimated to fall between 0.1 and 10mm. Some men release less amount of ejaculate while others release a huge amount. Other factors that may affect the volume of ejaculation include; age, diet, heredity, smoking status, a longer period of abstinence and the general health of a man’s body. Two to three days of abstinence for a man may increase the volume of ejaculation.

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Some men are convinced that they can increase the volume of their ejaculate by taking the male enhancement pills. They are usually concerned and insecure about the amount of semen they release. What they do not understand is that the volume of semen ejected during an ejaculation can vary depending on many factors, some listed above. In most cases, these kinds of people making unnecessary conclusions about themselves are not health specialists. These insecurities are what drive them to look for the penis pills.

The question that arises is whether or not one can increase the volume of their ejaculate by taking male enhancement pills. It is clear that most penis pills are not based on scientific research but rather on manufacturer’s and marketer’s assertions. Scientific research is usually the best way of evaluating proficiency and effectiveness. Unfortunately for the male enhancement pills, there is very little scientific research conducted. Most scientists would rather spend a majority of their resources, knowledge and time on matters of greater concern such as acute infections, deadly diseases, and viruses than waste their time on male insecurities. This is where most manufacturers find an opportunity to exploit the desperate generation.

When you take penis pills, there is a feeling of contention that takes over. You are quite satisfied that your ejaculate volume will increase during sex. Fortunately enough, you get to discover that you eject something little more as compared to the previous ejaculations. You are then convinced that the pills worked for you. Ever asked yourself what caused your previous smaller volumes? Maybe you have been suffering from an illness of which you might have recovered, and your reproductive system resumed its normal operation. Maybe you had abstained from sex for some time or changed your sexual habit. You may end up giving credit where it doesn’t deserve.

As long as there is no scientific proof that male enhancement pills can increase ejaculate volume, all other allegations from greedy and opportunist manufacturers and marketers are downright fabrications. You should never be gullible enough to believe that pills can increase the amount you ejaculate. You can consider increasing the period between ejaculations if you are looking forward to ejecting a huge ejaculate volume. Also, you can ensure that you are well stimulated before ejaculating. Finally, it is preferable to keep a good check on your health; good health means proper working of the entire body system, and can contribute to an increased ejaculate volume.

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