The Evolution Of Herbal Male Enhancement Pills

Herbal male enhancement pills have come a long way over the past many decades. Their main purpose has always been to offer a lasting solution to several men suffering every day as a result of sexual dysfunctions. A number of cultures have been seen trying to find a remedy for their men by coming up with various ways of handling sexual dysfunction.

During the 1st century AD, a certain Roman author named Pliny the Elder compiled an encyclopedia entitled “Natural History.” This book described the authenticity of the use of male enhancement supplements to counter a variety of sexual dysfunctions. It showed that there was a breakthrough to men’s sexual predicaments. The work of this author gained enormous support from many botanists, sexual philosophers and biologists which are still of great significance today.

“Natural History” encyclopedia explains the natural and herbal solutions from the use of aphrodisiac-al properties such as turpentine tree, boiled water from asparagus and garlic. According to this encyclopedia, these solutions helped correct sexual problems in a man effectively without subjecting his life to risk.

A later advancement in herbal male enhancement pills saw the discovery of animal byproducts by the Roman and Greek scholars who alleged that they could help treat premature ejaculation and boost a man’s libido. The use of byproducts was characterized by consuming the genitals of animals including chickens, lizards and goats among others. The scholars assumed that the penis resembled the appearance of the skin of lizards and snakes.

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As shown in the work of Albertus Magnus, the cures for premature ejaculation extracted from animals were still used until the 13th century. Magnus wrote about the importance of starfish and wolf penis to improve sexual infirmities and boost libido. He advised in his book the need to consume a wolf’s roasted penis where men would cut the roasted wolf’s penis open into pieces and chew it every time they wanted to have a sex drive. Magnus further cautioned people against the use of starfish as a solution to sex drive as it was very powerful and could affect the user adversely.

In the 19th century, there emerged the use of cannabis, ginseng and extracts from sheep testicles. Cannabis was used as a remedy for premature ejaculation while ginseng was used as a remedy for enhancing the blood flow.

The 20th century saw the introduction of vasodilators and Viagra. These amassed significant popularity in the 1990’s. Most men could admit seeing success in the treatment of their sexual issues. However, Viagra was and is still controversial in its mode of operation as it is not a natural herbal supplement but rather a chemical compound.

A continuous research and findings finally led to the discovery of exceptionally effective herbal male enhancement pills that now save the day for many men from all over the globe. Trial and error were also a major contributor to the discovery of the best types of herbal pills that can now make a man last longer in bed by delaying premature ejaculation and increasing sexual stamina, increase the size of the penis and boost a man’s libido among others.

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