Male Enhancement Pills Vs. Surgery

Nothing beats variety and more so when it comes to male enhancement. The modern male population is advantaged to have a wide array of male enhancement products/methods to choose from. Note that the various individual products are also available in different brands with each offering unique benefits. Among the PE methods at your disposal are male enhancement pills and surgery. This post serves those people who have recently, or in the past found themselves at a crossroad as far as choosing between pills and surgery is concerned. To help you make an informed decision, we take a closer look at both methods.

Male enhancement surgery

Also known as Phalloplasty, penile enlargement surgery includes a couple of techniques – depending on the reason it’s being pursued. These techniques include penile lengthening, penile widening, penis reconstruction, correction of curvature, or penile implants. Penile widening surgery is done through the injection of harvested fat or placement of alloderm along the penile length. If you have fat in the pubic region, your surgeon may recommend liposuction, and this goes a long way in exposing more of your penis.

On the other hand, penile lengthening is usually done through the release of the suspensory ligament. This is the element that attaches the penis to the pubic bone – where half of your manhood is hiding. Penile lengthening surgery usually increases the penis by about 1-2 inches. The bigger your cock is at the beginning, the bigger the increase in length mainly because it means more of your penis length is hidden inside your body.

Your surgeon will make a small incision in the pubic area. Note that no incision is to be made on your symbol of masculinity. After the small incision, your doctor will identify, dissect and release the suspensory ligament.

Pros and cons

The greatest advantage of male enhancement surgery is the fact that it is radical. Unlike other enhancement methods, you needn’t wait for a long time to witness changes in the size of your penis. However, it also has its downsides which include;

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  • Possible chest pains
  • Possible damage to the nerve endings
  • Fatal reaction to anesthesia
  • You may have to deal with a series of infections
  • You must be willing to go through intense pain – at least until you recover
  • We cannot dismiss the possibility of excessive bleeding

Couple all these disadvantages with the high financial costs involved and you might want to consider a less complex approach.

Male enhancement pills

They are perhaps the simplest form of male enhancement. They are made using lab processed ingredients, or plants/herbal extracts and other essential ingredients such as vitamins and minerals. Natural male enhancement pills (made of herbal ingredients) are said to be not only safer but also more effective compared to their counterparts.

Pros and cons of male enhancement pills

Male enhancement pills offer the following advantages;

  • They are a lot cheaper compared to male enhancement surgery and other methods
  • They are readily available. Besides the online stores, your local store might have a couple of brands
  • They offer utmost convenience even in terms of usage. Forget about the pain experienced after penile surgery. Also, you can take them at any time at any place. No one has to find out that you are into male enhancement.
  • Unlike penis surgery, male enhancement pills offer a general improvement of your reproductive system. It covers a multitude of sexual health problems ranging from small penis size, erectile dysfunction, low libido, decreased sexual stamina, infertility, and premature ejaculation

The greatest disadvantage of pills is that they aren’t as drastic as penile surgery – especially when it comes to increasing the penis size. However, one must choose what is important between faster penile size increase and one's safety. Only you know what is best for you. Choose wisely!

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