Penis Enlargement Pills: Outrageous Claims Vs. Feasible Results

A lot of claims revolve around the use of penis enlargement pills. This method of penis enlargement is one of the most popular used methods among many men looking to increase the size of their penises. Penis enlargement pills come in different forms such as prescribed, natural and dissolvable tablets.

Typically, these pills are supposed to be consumed as recommended by professionals for one to get optimum results. Despite penis enlargement pills facing outrageous claims, they have proven to give feasible results. The following are some of the outrageous claims and feasible results associated with the use of penis enlargement pills;

Outrageous claims

Penis enlargement pills causes infertility

Some people claim that the use of penis enlargement pills can cause infertility in men. This is not true because the pills are made diligently to help boost fertility. Some of the natural ingredients integrated into the pills during preparation may contain the natural alkaloids that are known to aid in the production of sperm.

Therefore, penis enlargement pills may also help you increase your sperm count besides increasing the size of your penis. This benefit of improved fertility may only apply for high-quality penis enlargement pills that are obtained from a legitimate source.

Penis enlargement pills cause uncontrolled erection and desire

Penis enlargement pills are meant to help you enlarge your penis in the long run. They require maximum patience to get the best results. They don’t result in uncontrolled erection and desire as claimed by some people. In most cases, the people alleging this false information are either using the wrong types of penis pills or using fake penis pills.

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There are two main categories of penis pills; the penis enlargement pills and the male enhancement pills. The penis enlargement pills focus solely on penis enlargement while the male enhancement pills focus on the general sexual health of a man. One may be using a penis pill that is only meant to increase sexual desire and erectile strength hence may blame it on the penis enlargement pills.

Penis enlargement pills may increase the size of other organs

It is not true that your other body organs will increase in size when you use penis enlargement pills. These pills are made to focus only on your penis by stimulating the production of hormones responsible for the growth of the penis. They also stimulate the release of nitric oxide, which is responsible for vasodilation to allow an increased supply of blood to the penile chambers.

Feasible results

Bigger penis

When used correctly as instructed, penis enlargement pills can help you increase the size of your penis to a desirable level. These pills work gradually over a longer duration, approximately up to three months to give noticeable changes. The pills stimulate the production of more testosterone and human growth hormone that helps in the development of the male reproductive system. Also, the production of nitric oxide helps ease the flow of blood to the penis that is essential for penile growth.

Improved sex life

An amazing sex life is what many people dream about. Through the use of penis enlargement pills, a man is able to increase his penis size considerably. A bigger penis can make sex more pleasurable as it tends to stretch the vagina more, which results in increased sexual pleasure for both partners. Most men have admitted having an improved sex life after commencing on the use of penis enlargement pills. A bigger penis also makes a man more confident in bed, which is a plus for sexual performance.

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