Why Nitric Oxide Plays An Important Role In Male Enhancement?

Among the most common and essential ingredients in male enhancement products, mainly pills are nitric oxide. In this post, we seek to understand why this component is given this amount of importance. What role does it play?

First things first; what is it, and where does it come from?

It is merely a gas that is naturally generated by the body. It plays a vital role in ensuring communication between body cells. The production of nitric oxide in the body entails the breakdown of the amino acid, Arginine, by the enzymes. Throughout your blood vessels, there is a thin lining known as endothelium which produces nitric oxide in substantial amounts. Note that endothelium performs at its best when a person’s cardiovascular health is in check.

The nitric oxide supplements you see in the market do not necessarily contain nitric oxide, but rather, Arginine – a nutritional component present in foods such as sesame seeds, shrimps, crab and white meat such as Turkey.

NO’s role in male enhancement

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Nitric oxide is responsible for dilating your blood vessels and improving blood circulation throughout the body. A couple of factors usually determine the strength or rather quality of an erection when a man is sexually aroused – top among them is the quantity of nitric oxide present in the body.

As such, if you think that your erectile function has been deteriorating, one of the possible causes could be a decline of this natural gas in your body. It is possible that the penis area is not receiving sufficient blood levels. The amount of blood that your penile chambers (corpora cavernosa) receive, usually determines the size and duration of your erections. Less blood translates to weak erections.

The natural production of nitric oxide in your body is mostly dependent on the kind of lifestyle you lead. The healthier your lifestyle is, the more the nitric oxide your body produces, and in turn, the more powerful and long-lasting your erections become.

Men should, therefore, note that an inactive lifestyle negatively impacts their sexual health. Having high cholesterol is also dangerous because it prevents the endothelium from performing optimally. Besides influencing the quantity of NO in your body and blood vessels, high cholesterol and excess pounds increase your likelihood of contracting cardiovascular disease – something that should be of concern for the aging men.

Supplementation of nitric oxide

The right dietary changes will go a long way in improving the production of nitric oxide in the body, which ensures stable cardiovascular health and in turn, an effective sexual health. Any heart-healthy food can help you with any form of male enhancement. Some of the foods you can introduce or increase in your diet to stimulate the production of more nitric oxide include celery, beets, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, and radishes.

Another way of enhancing the performance of the endothelium is to engage in regular physical exercises and lead a lifestyle that discourages cholesterol pileup. Nitric oxide supplementation is also recommended – especially for individuals who hardly have time to prepare foods in their homes. You may opt for nitric oxide supplements or L-Arginine supplements to help you reap maximum benefits as far as the role of NO in your sexual health is concerned.

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