Can Your Penis Grow With Additional Consumption Of Vitamins And Minerals?

Many men from all walks of life are a bit insecure when it comes to the size of their manhood. Most of them wish they had bigger penises. The deep yearning for a more prominent member emanates from varying reasons ranging from the need to please a woman in bed, to a sense of masculinity among many others.

As we all know, the society can be extremely judgmental at times. For instance, a good number of people use the size of a man’s penis to determine his masculinity. Unfortunately, the porn industry and recently, the much-hyped products of penis enlargement available in the market do not make things any easier for men. The external and internal pressure to pursue PE methods continues to grow with each passing day.

The market for penis enlargement is not short of products, in terms of types and brands. Apart from penile surgery, there are others such as penis enlargement devices (extenders, pumps, and weights), penile pills, and natural PE exercises.

In their bid to get the most out of their PE programs, men are always in search of ways to boost their penis size. They want to try safe and promising methods of enhancing the capacity of their members. One of the things that most men would want to try, yet are in doubt of their effectiveness are the consumption of additional vitamins and minerals.

There is a good reason why some popular male enhancement supplements and pills contain selected vitamins and minerals. If you wish to follow this route, consider a product containing the following ingredients.

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Vitamin D

A group of researchers from John Hopkins University conducted a study involving 3400 healthy Americans. According to the research findings, men with vitamin D deficiency had 32% chances of experiencing difficulty to obtain erections compared to those who had enough levels of this vitamin. This is mainly because vitamin D helps in maintaining the health of endothelial cells that are responsible for lining the blood vessels. In the absence of vitamin D, blood flow is restricted, and this impacts everything from your heart to your penis.

Vitamin B3

Also known as Niacin, Vitamin B3 comes in handy as far as improving the erectile function is concerned. A research study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2011 revealed that vitamin B3 is particularly suitable for men with high cholesterol. Besides improving circulation, niacin reduces inflammation – among the most common causes of impotence and high cholesterol. Consider having a daily dose of vitamin B3 to improve your erectile function.

Folic acid

The majority of reliable male enhancement supplements contain folic acid – and this is for a good reason. A sizeable number of men with moderate or severe erectile dysfunction usually have worrying levels of folic acid. Since it triggers nitric oxide, the absence of this B vitamin (vitamin B9) translates to no erections.

Vitamin E

Commonly used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, vitamin E also helps in penile growth. It ensures proper flow of blood throughout the body and into the penis which is extremely important for not only a healthy penis but also for strong and lasting erections.

L- Arginine

An amino acid, L-Arginine is present in fish, poultry, red meat and dairy products. It assists in the expansion of blood vessels which in turn leads to increased blood flow. It is the primary building block for nitric oxide – a critical component in male enhancement.

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