Erection 101

Are you considering pursuing male enhancement? Are you having issues with your erection? Well, before you make any progress, it is imperative to understand various things about your boner. Having such information will help you make informed decisions especially when it comes to the choice of the male enhancement products and the necessary lifestyle adjustments that you need to make. Being adequately informed also assists you to set realistic expectations when seeking ways to improve the quality of your erections.

Keep reading this post to understand how and why erections happen, and some of the causes of their deterioration.

How and why do erections happen?

Men of all ages use different slang terms such as hard-on, chubby, stiffy, and boner and so on and so forth. The thing is; they are all talking about the same thing – an erection. In its most straightforward definition, erection is said to occur when the penile chambers fill with blood and then stretches in both shape and size. The duration of an erection is usually dependent on the method of stimulation involved – among many other factors such as sexual and general body health.

Guys obtain erections for varying reasons. In many instances, erections happen when a man is sexually triggered. The trigger could emanate from sexual thoughts or other forms of external sexual stimulation. While your penis may be in a flaccid state most of the times in a day, men get erections when they are asleep which at times leads to wet dreams. Wet dreams are prevalent in young men particularly during their puberty years as a regular part of sexual development.

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The penis has two chambers known as corpora cavernosa. Corpora cavernosa extends from the penis head all the way to the pelvis. Made of spongy tissue, the penile chambers have the potential to accommodate huge volumes of blood and consequently increase in size.

When your body responds to sexual arousal, your brain sends signals to prompt a hormonal response that permits arteries to open up fully. In turn, the volume of blood entering the penile chambers increases. Note that the blood usually enters faster than it can exit the veins. To ensure that the blood remains in the penis, the veins are compressed. It is this chain reaction that is responsible for the achievement and maintenance of an erection – and its absence results in an opposite reaction.

Once your brain stops to convey messages of sexual arousal, the hormonal retaliation ends. In turn, the arteries return to normalcy causing your manhood to go back to its flaccid state.

Erectile dysfunction

At times, men have difficulties obtaining or retaining erections. Some of the things attributed to this problem include excessive consumption of alcohol, cigarette smoking, weight gain (get rid of that belly fat and excess cholesterol), stress, anxiety and depression, underlying medical conditions (such as hypertension and diabetes) and their corresponding treatments and bad relationships and so on and so forth.

Erectile dysfunction is said to happen when you have difficulties obtaining an erection every so often. If it occurs once or twice, rather than frequently, it cannot be termed as ED. if you suspect that what you have erectile dysfunction make it known to your doctor. He or she will help you establish its presence or dismiss your fears. If indeed you have impotence, your doctor will assist you to chart the way forward.

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