Do’s And Don’ts When Taking Penis Enlargement Pills

Many men would love to enlarge their penises considerably to match or outdo the sizes their fellow men possess. This is a normal feeling relating to a man’s ego. The introduction of penis enlargement pills now gives men desiring to increase the sizes of their penises the hope of attaining their dream sizes.

However, the use of these pills comes with some rules to reduce the chances of side effects and maximize the results. The following are some of the Do’s and Don’ts when taking penis enlargement pills;


Always read the intake recommended for you

Normally, every medication comes with its guidelines which may be different from other brands. Some penis enlargement pills require consumption once in a day while others need to be taken more than once a day to help deliver the desired results.

It is therefore essential for you to read the instructions that come with the penis enlargement pills to avoid the side effects and maximize the results. The penis enlargement pills manufacturers always have a reason to suggest for you a specific intake – they want you to get the best enlargement results.

Take plenty of liquid

You should at all times consider the healthy intake of fluids. Penis enlargement pills require sufficient fluid intake to increase their effectiveness. Typically, penis enlargement pills contain minerals and nutrients that are meant to help stimulate various biological processes in your body to cause an increase in the size of your penis. These minerals and supplements may not be adequately released if your body is suffering from dehydration hence you may fail to get the enlargement results you are looking for.

Observe your progress

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Observing your progress not only motivates you but also updates you in the event there are problems with the enlargement pills you are using. Some penis enlargement pills have serious side effects such as flushes, heart palpitations, nausea, and headache. You should always look out for these signs and consult your doctor in time before things begin to get serious.

Some penis enlargement pills are also fake and may not give the results claimed by their manufacturer. You can give your penis enlargement pills a reasonable duration after which you expect to see a noticeable increase in your penis size. Failure to notice any changes may render the enlargement pills ineffective.


Don’t mix your supplement alongside other brands

The main reason why you should always stick to one particular brand of penis enlargement pills is to help you realize the effectiveness of your enlargement pills. By mixing various brands, you may not know which brand exactly worked for you and which one failed.

Also, different penis enlargement pills have their side effects. By combining the pills, you are putting your health at risk as there is a probability of suffering multiple side effects. The best practice is to stick to your preferred brand of enlargement pills and monitor its progress. After that, you can decide whether or not you should disown it and pick another type.

Don’t take penis enlargement pills alongside the erectile dysfunction medicine

Penis enlargement pills usually work in many ways, primarily through vasodilation. The pills stimulate the release of nitric oxide that helps widen the blood vessels thereby allowing an increase in the supply of blood flowing to the penis.

Erectile dysfunction medicines also work in the same way the penis enlargement pills work. Combining the penis enlargement pills with erectile dysfunction medicines may result in excessively wide blood vessels that may lower the body’s blood pressure, which can be fatal if not normalized. Therefore, you should only stick to one form of medication at a time.

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