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The eight different ways through penis enlargement can be brought about are given below.

1. Traction: The traction is the mechanism that occurs through the usage of the penis extender. Through traction, some pressure gets applied to the skin tissue of the penis that helps to enhance the internal cavities inside the penis.

2. Pills: One of the most convenient methods to achieve penis enlargement is through pills. They enable males to have strong erections as well. The penile enhancement pills improve the confidence level in males so that they are able to perform sexually better during sex. Moreover, they are effective in increasing blood circulation and in enhancing the testosterone levels respectively.

3. Natural exercise. The natural exercises like the pc and the jelqing provide the third means for penile enlargement. These exercises help men to achieve the penis gain conveniently and even enable them to improve their sexual stamina. When you correctly follow a simple penis enhancement exercise guide, the exercises will work for you and will cause the skin cells to become more elastic. Thus, you will optimally benefit from the overall results.

4. Vacuum pumps. The vacuum pumps are the fourth means to gain the penile enhancement. These pumps draw the blood to the penis that swells it up and therefore they can be used to treat the penis erectile dysfunction. But it is only temporarily that the penis will appear larger for you. If you use a penis pump for much longer or frequently, then it can damage your elastic tissue inside the penis that will result in less firm erections.

5. Lotions. Comprising of various substances like herbs, minerals, hormones and vitamins, the lotions are another way to attain penile enlargement. Such a claim is made by various manufacturers in the market today. But none of the lotions has been found to work and that they can be harmful as well.

6. Weights: The weights are the sixth means to get the penis enhancement. They need to get attached to the penis where the enlargement is made possible due to the stretching of the muscles. But the working of the weights makes some of the men to believe that the penile muscles are similar to the other muscles in the body. So much so that they can be used repeatedly and make the muscles bulked up together. But neither of the weights has been effective for positive results and some of them can be harmful as well.

7. Surgery: The penile enlargement can be achieved through surgery. It involves the lengthening of the penis and that the suspensory ligament gets cut off during surgery as well. After the surgery, the doctor performs the plastic surgery during which an additional skin cover is added over the new penile length respectively. But you need to know that the suspensory ligament plays a significant role and helps the penis to constantly point upwards at the time of erection. So, when the suspensory ligament is separated there is no support for the penis. But only a small gain has been noticed by males who got the surgery done. And this was seen in the flaccid state, but surprisingly, the erect penis is of the same size and points towards the floor.

8. Patches: The patches provide another good and easy means for penis enhancement. They use the transdermal system for the delivery of ingredients into the blood through the skin. When the patch is applied on the skin, its supplements get transferred from the skin into the blood stream. So, there is no need of the ingredients to get absorbed in the stomach at all and thus they are able to maintain their potency. The use of the penis patch has shown that you can effectively and safely achieve penile enlargement without any issue at all.
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