Vigrx Plus vs Prosolution Pills: Which Is Better?

VigRX Plus and ProSolution: Detailed Comparison

With the help of this article, we are comparing VigRX Plus and ProSolution on various levels. This helps you in deciding the better product according to your needs.

According to the mode of action or mechanism of action

ProSolution - These pills are prepared from organic ingredients helping the growth of testosterone from testes. It also enhances nitric oxide liberation from the blood vessels of the penis. This improves the erections due to better and more powerful blood flow. ProSolution pills make sure that you get harder and powerful erection both before and after intercourse. 

VigRX Plus - VigRX Plus is a multifunctional pill when it comes to mode of action. For instance, it helps in increasing blood testosterone levels which in turn gives improved libido, sperm quality and sperm count. It is very effective in increasing the blood flow to the penis for harder and longer lasting erections. It prevents erectile dysfunction and impotency as well. 

According to ingredients and composition

VigRX Plus - This product has 100% natural ingredients verified as sexual performance enhancer by the scientific community. In detail, it has: 

  • Bioperine: this is derived from black pepper. It is known for improving metabolic functions and efficiently absorbing nutrients.
  • Damiana: this is a material extracted from a shrub grown in Texas. For hundreds of years, it is labeled as an aphrodisiac and enhances libido according to the scientists. It rectifies sexual dysfunction in men suffering from diabetes. 
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract: it contains a highly effective substance known as Icariin. The working of Icarrin is quite similar to Sildenafil, a main ingredient in Viagra. Icariin is very effective in improving nitric oxide levels leading to harder, more powerful, and longer lasting erections. This helps in experiencing the most enjoyable sexual intercourses. A study was done on rat’s penis by injecting Icarrin and this resulted in longer lasting erections. 
  • VigRx PlusGingko Bilioba: it is a living fossil extracted from the Gingko tree. According to various scientific studies, Gingko Biloba improves sexual desire and sexual performance. There is improved sexual intercourse due to better penis blood circulation. 
  • Ginseng: Ginseng is known as a magic herb which increases testosterone production resulting in increased blood flow. It is prescribed for enhancing brain function and erectile dysfunction. 
  • Muria Pauma Bark Extract: it is used as an anti-dote for treating male impotence. It improves sexual stamina and treats erectile dysfunction. 
  • Catuaba Bark Extract (Brazil): it is useful in stimulating libido and dilating blood vessels. Similar to Ginseng, it enhances penis blood flow and better erections. Catuaba bark extract is famous as a magic way for the stimulation of the nervous system. 
    Conclusively, each and every ingredient of VigRX Plus results in better and more powerful erections. This combination of all the effective nutrients helps in maximizing sexual stamina. 

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ProSolution also includes organic ingredients such as: 

  • Amla aka Indian Gooseberry: Amla is a vitamin rich Indian food which helps in enhancing and maintaining blood vessel health and regulating blood pressure. Due to this, the sexual efficiency improves.
  • Apegemin: it is a plant derived bioflavanoid known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. This helps in maintaining sexual health leading to satisfying and passionate sex. 
  • Arjuna: Arjuna is an anti-ischemic herb which protects the heart. Apart from that, it stabilizes pulse rate and blood pressure by improving sex life and promoting lever health. 
  • Bladderwrack: it is actually a sea vegetable known for the improvement of thyroid function. It also helps in reducing weight by boosting energy levels. It pumps up the good cholesterol by eliminating the bad cholesterol. Thyroid is an integral part when it comes to one’s sex life. Naturally, sex life is improved by enhancing thyroid. 
  • ProSolution SystemCordyceps: it is a fungus frequently used in Chinese medicine and effective in raising testosterone producing capacity. This helps in improving male libido. 
  • Drilizen: this compound is known for increasing testosterone secretion by enhancing secretion of luteinizing hormone. It also has a popular testosterone enhancer known as Tribulus. Drilizen is also effective in improving nitric oxide levels known for increasing penis blood flow. 
  • Momordica: this herb is famous for improving testosterone production and reducing fat. It is helpful for patients of diabetes and indigestion. Apart from that, it is also rich in HIV busting proteins and vitamin C. each and every ingredient of Prosolution is great for harder and powerful erections. This combination is effective for maximizing sexual stamina. 

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According to safety (risks of side-effects)

VigRX Plus: It has been found that using VigRX Plus for a considerable amount of time has no side effects at all.

ProSolution: Users of ProSolution tried this product for one year and reported satisfying results and no side effects.

According to performance

VigRX Plus and ProSolution is medically proven to increase the length and girth of penis as well as sexual performance. However, ProSolution is found to be more effective because it enhances blood testosterone levels resulting in increased sperm count, sperm quality, and sexual libido. It gives a better erection due to enhanced penis blood flow.

According to price

One year supply of VigRX Plus is priced at $489.99 while ProSolution is priced at $399.95. Hence, VigRX Plus is costlier than ProSolution.

According to bonuses

VigRX Plus offers various bonuses such as a penis exercise CD, free bottle of pheromones, a bottle of Semenax, complimentary Erection fitness website membership and a $25 sex mall card. 

On the other hand, ProSolution provides penis enlargement exercises, a free box of volume pills for increasing semen count, a sexual performance enhancer gel, and free membership ot the erection system website. 

According to money back policy

Interestingly, both VigRX Plus and ProSolution are produced by the same company, Leading Edge Health. Both offer the same 67-day money refund guarantee and they fulfill this promise.