How Penis Size Is Determined?

This question can be answered in two ways, as it can be seen from at least two perspectives. The first view can be interpreted to mean the manner in which conclusions surrounding penis size are reached. For instance, how do you tell if a person is small, average, or large? Secondly, it could be viewed as a need to establish the factors that dictate the size of a mans penis, say, since the time a baby boy is conceived. Here, we answer this question using these two viewpoints.

How is penis size measured?

As earlier mentioned, penis sizes are classified according to small, average and large. When describing the penis size, two measurements are determined the girth and length. The determination of both requires same tools, but the approach is quite difficult.

When measuring penis length, a full erection must be achieved. Then, a ruler is placed right next to the male organ. Gently press the ruler inside the fat tissue to ensure accurate measuring of the penis. Readings should be taken all the way to the penis head. It is worth noting that the size of an erection differs depending on the time of day as well as how aroused a person is.

For the purpose of accuracy, it is best to take three different measures at different times of the day in the morning, noon and evening and then find the average. Doing this should help you get a figure is close enough to the actual length of your penis.

Determining the penis girth is perhaps the hardest part. Apart from the fact that you are required to take measurements thrice in a day (like in penis length), you are also needed to take three different readings each time you measure the girth. Using a tape measure, take readings of the penis base, the middle part of the penis, and also in the area directly below the penis head.

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The three measurements taken at different times of the day are summed up and divided by three to generate the girth size.

Now that you have your penis girth and length measurements, where do you fall? If you have a penis length of 4.7-6.3 inches and penis girth of 4.7 inches in an erect state, you are average sized. If you measure below or above this, you are either small or large respectively.

What determines the penis size?

Genetics are a lot to blame for the penis size of an adult man. It is believed that as soon as a couple decides to have a baby boy, his penis size is also decided. As such, babies born in a family where big penises are the order of the day have higher chances of inheriting a massive dick and vice versa.

In this case, men are left with no much choice. On the other hand, lifestyle habits can also have an impact on penis size. For instance, smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol may lead to penis shrinkage. Diet and clothing are also responsible for the health, sexual functionality as well as the size of the penis.

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