Basic Penis Anatomy

Before you embark on your penis enlargement, understanding the basic male anatomy pays off significantly. Among many other benefits, the knowledge of the penis anatomy helps to avoid the unnecessary pressures and disappointments associated with penis enlargement. It helps you to understand how penis growth takes place, and consequently, allow you to approach and embrace the process appropriately, and in turn, guarantee high success rates.

The male member can be looked at from two perspectives – externally, and internally. The visible part is, of course, the long and fleshy shaft that ends with the glans. The frenulum is the tiny V-shaped piece of the penis skin underside the shaft connecting the penis to the glans. Then there is the corona; the bell-shaped part on the area around the bottom of the circumference of the glans. The foreskin covers the glans – for uncircumcised men. Meatus is the term used to refer to the small opening used during urination and ejaculation. Finally, the flesh sack that holds the balls (testes) is known as the scrotum.

In as much as it is important to understand the external parts of the male member, the internal part plays the significant role in penis enlargement and growth. The inner part of the penis is comprised of 3 main areas namely the corpus spongiosum and the corpora cavernosa (two in number).

Corpus spongiosum and corpora cavernosa

It is typically a spongy tissue that fills with blood when an erection is developing. For some reason, it stays pliable. The chamber is located on the underside, as well as in the middle of corpora cavernosa. It usually encases the urethra. During penis enlargement, the corpus spongiosum must increase size wise.

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On the other hand, the corpora cavernosa is a pair of chambers made of spongy tissues. For an erection to occur, corpora cavernosa fills with blood, becomes rigid, which in turn causes the male member to elongate and protrude outwards. The importance of these chambers cannot be underestimated. They make up three-quarters of the penis, and as such, making it a fundamental part of further development.

Another area that is hardly ever mentioned is the Tunica Albuginea that helps to maintain an erection. It is a thin layer that surrounds the two chambers and is made of tough fibrous tissue. For simplicity purposes, the tunica is commonly considered as part of the corpora cavernosa.

When a man is sexually aroused, an increased blood flow to the penis takes place. The three chambers are responsible for holding this blood. The corpora cavernosa can accommodate up to 90 percent of the blood retained each time you have an erection.

Here is yet another interesting aspect – the amount of blood held in these chambers is dependent on the size of the chambers. This, in turn, determines the length and girth of the penis. Do you already know what we are getting at? For you to gain additional inches, the corpora cavernosa must be increased in size. Increased chamber size will allow it to hold more blood, and ultimately the dream of having a lengthier and wider penis becomes a reality.

This is where the numerous penis enlargement techniques come into play. You are advised to utilize proven, safe and effective methods/products of penis enlargement.

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