World Record For The Biggest Penis

The penis has always been an important part of every man’s life – regardless of age, race, culture or social status. Let’s just say that it is one of the commonest things that a lot of men constantly worry about. They always want to know how they measure against other men. This explains the much talked about locker room comparisons. It is not unusual to spot a man looking, or stealing a glance of another man’s bulge. He just wants to confirm whether his is bigger than him. Why so? One may wonder.

Apparently, it appears that every man wants to have the biggest dick. If he is genuine, he will admit to the fact that he wants to believe that he has the largest wiener. Now you know that you aren’t alone in this – just in case you were wondering. It is not surprising you are so much interested in this topic. You wish to find out who has the pleasure of being declared the biggest. The names of men who have ever held world records at different times have been provided here. Keep reading:

Rasputin – a simple Russian peasant

When it comes to the penis size, it doesn’t come with wealth or social status. It is no wonder a simple Russian peasant is said to have had one of the biggest erect penises in the world – slightly over 12 inches. Rasputin’s penis was a significant player in one of the most important events in the history of the 20th century. Apparently, rumours have it that Rasputin was having sex with the Russian – and some of her daughters.

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Later on, he was appointed to the position of a principal family advisor. This didn’t go well with particular members of the noble family who decided to kill him. Unfortunately, they managed to kill him, severe the long penis from his body, and then hurl it across the room. The next day, a maid found it in the room and took it home with her. a visit to a museum in St. Petersburg.


The former French emperor, Napoleon is also said to have had an extraordinarily big penis. Since his penis was cut off during an autopsy (in 1821) and handed over to a Corsica’s priest, it has become an interesting topic of discussion. For people to want to be in possession of a person’s penis, there must be something unique about it.

Napoleon's penis has been passed down from one family and generation to another. The present owner is Lattimer who views it as a historical treasure. Apparently, he has allowed only ten people to see it. There are no photographs or films of the artifact. It is funny how Napoleon's penis has traversed the world more than he ever did.

Jonah Falcon

This list wouldn’t make any sense if I did mention the American actor and writer – Jonah Falcon. It has been reported that this guy’s schlong is 9.5 inches long, and 13.5 inches wide when erect. Irrespective of having a somehow rough childhood, Jonah Falcon comes out as one of the most confident guys in the world. He says the fact that his mother couldn’t raise him didn’t in any way affect his childhood. Only a man with the world’s largest penis could portray such boldness. That said he sticks firmly to his principle and even rejected a proposal to enter the porn industry.

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