Penis Size Talks: What Women Think About Your Penis

YES! She already has an opinion about your penis size range. That is a woman for you. You must already have heard that they do not care about penis size. In as much as they do not give it much thought – as long as you treat them right – they will analyse your penis nevertheless. She will talk to her girlfriends about your wiener, and how it makes her feel. This must come as a surprise especially because you are not as open with your buddies in matters sex.

What does she think about your penis size? was concerned or rather curious about how the millennial woman feels about the size of her partner’s penis. This pushed them to conduct a poll involving 1100 participants – 96% women and 4% men aged between 18 and 34. It should make you happy to know that 89% confirmed that they were not bothered by their partners’ penis size. When asked to classify the penis of their partners, the majority of them (56%) chose “average.” On the other hand, 33% of the participants believe that their partners are on the large penis category. Only a small percentage of the participants consider their partners’ penis to be small.

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From the above findings, it is okay to say that women classify penis sizes according to small, average or large. However, what does small, average and large mean?

Here is the most interesting part of the poll. The participants were very close when it came to the measurements of what they considered the average penis size. The actual average sizes are 3.5 inches and 5.1 inches flaccid and erect respectively. In as much as 43% of the respondents admitted to watching pornography at least once monthly, it comes as a surprise that their perception about penis size has not been skewed. Rather, they are pretty much realistic when it comes to sex in real life.

If your partner believes that you are average sized, or large, then you are in luck. Does this mean that it is all bad for you if your partner falls in the 11% category of women who think their men have small penises? There is some good news. Despite the fact that 59% of the women participants said that they are not entirely sexually satisfied, a huge majority admitted that they would not want to change anything about the penis of their partners. However, a notable number pointed out that they would want the dick slightly smaller. It is worth noting that up to 62% of the women reported that they rarely orgasm from penetration alone. Men should, therefore, know that penetration is not a woman’s greatest desire in matters bedroom.

Evidently, it appears that the modern woman is okay with whatever penis size. The phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” applies in this instance. A woman does not use the penis size when deciding whether to stay with you. Just treat her right, pay attention to what she treasures in the bedroom, and be willing to explore different sex styles and positions. One more thing; confidence comes in handy. These are the tools you need to sweep her off her feet.

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