How Women Really Feel About Penis Size

It is normal for a man to get anxious about his penis size – and more so when there is a woman is involved. Surprisingly, even men are adequately packaged are still in fear, or should I say they doubt whether they measure up to the expectation of their partners. You are constantly wondering about what she thinks about your manhood.

Yes, she is thinking about it. She has already formed an opinion about it. No, she will not give you her honest thoughts. Instead, she will say that which makes you happy – that which you want to hear. For this reason, unless you want to hear a comforting lie, don’t even bother asking her. She is with you; you both have a fantastic sexual appearance, that is all that matters. For many men, this little piece of advice does not comfort them. You want to know how she feels about penis size.

The truth of the matter is; a substantial proportion of the female population does not give a damn about penis size. In as much as they are a good number of women who would not date, let alone marry a man with a “small” dick, the majority of women are concerned about other things in a relationship. However, your size, if you can do the following, the last thing you need to worry about is what she feels about your penis size.

Your lovemaking skills

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A small penis can be a good thing if you can make up for it. Take advantage of foreplay, learn some tongue skills here and there and most importantly, show your willingness to explore the world of sex styles and positions. Whether you are big, average sized, or small, your lovemaking skills should be on the roof. I have heard of big sized men who are terrible performers in the bedroom. Aspire to become a better lover. Your penis size will not matter at all.

How she feels largely depends on how you use your wiener

Many women tend to give importance to the penis size if you are on the extremes – extremely small, or very large. Other than this, how you put your penis to work carries the most importance. Ensure to touch all the critical spots, and you will not have to worry another day, about your penis size. Many women are somehow afraid of a gigantic cock. While it is good for the eyes, they would not want to feel it in their vaginas. As such, in as much as penis enlargement is a viable option, go slow on it – especially if you are averaged size.

Treat a woman right

The way to a woman’s heart is through her heart, period! Every woman wants to be treated right. She wants you to make her feels special. If you can do these three things, you will never worry another day in your life about what she is thinking about your dick. Just make her happy. Do what is right by her, and she will make you feel like a king.

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