Vaginal Satisfaction, Stimulation From Penis Length

A woman’s vagina reacts to penis insertion through stretching or contracting. This is how nature designed it to ensure that the penis receives sufficient tension during intercourse to release the semen, and most importantly for the trapping of the semen inside a woman’s vagina to facilitate reproduction.

The elasticity of the vagina permits it to accommodate a broad range of penis sizes – even though it may at times require extra preparation to avoid discomforts. The flexibility is equally important to allow childbirth as it stretches immensely beyond the three inches. The 3’ length is considered the standard vagina length when a woman is not sexually aroused. The Bartholin’s glands are responsible for providing lubrication when she is sexually aroused. This helps to accommodate penises of a wide variation of sizes. The vagina is said to be a highly adapted organ because of the diverse roles it plays – including acting as a birth canal.

The ecosystem of the vagina is unique. Its microflora is extremely delicate. As such, it is imperative to make sure that it is treated gently to prevent possible ruptures and cuts. The majority of the nerve endings that cause pleasurable sensations during sex are found near the entrance of the vagina. It is believed that it is designed this way to make child bearing a little less painful partly. A substantial number of women claim to only feel the first few centimeters of the penis – the ones closest to the vagina opening during sex – for physiological reasons. The amount of nerve endings is not affected by the extent to which the vagina stretches. Rather, it remains the same.

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Therefore, it would be safe to conclude that the penis size may not matter as long as the vagina wraps around it. As such, vaginal satisfaction is largely dependent on the ability of the penis (irrespective of the length) to touch more nerve endings. This is possible through exploitations of appropriate sex positions and style. If this is the case, it means that the penis width is singlehandedly sufficient to guarantee vagina satisfaction.

There are some exceptional circumstances, though. It is estimated that only about 33% of women can successfully obtain orgasm via vaginal penetration, and only 25 percent can achieve orgasm through stimulation of the vagina regularly. On the other hand, only 34 percent reach orgasm through penetration alone. Some studies reveal that up to 80 percent of women usually require clitoral stimulation to enjoy sexual satisfaction. As you must already know, penis size has nothing to do with clitoral stimulation, as the penis is not involved. From this, we can deduce that approximately 80 percent of women can find any size of the penis sexually fulfilling. The key to sexual fulfillment comes not from the penis alone. It incorporates other aspects such as direct stimulation of the clitoris using sex toys, fingers, tongues, and lips.

A different category of women

Some women enjoy cervical stimulation, and this is where penis length comes into play. For the majority of women in this group, it takes a good five or six inches penis length when they are aroused. However, this is not likely to cause orgasm. Nonetheless, penis length is important for a woman who cares about stimulation of the cervix.

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