Top Five Penis Extender Myths Debunked!

You have probably heard so many things about penis extenders. While you are sure about some of these matters, you might be wondering whether others are true or just a myth. To set the record straight, the top five myths surrounding penis extenders have been debunked here.

  1. Penis extenders don't promote penis girth gains

Penis extender users have been made to believe that these devices are only capable of increasing penis length. On the same note, men have learnt that women care more about penis girth than length. For this reason, upon hearing that extenders don't promote length increase, they opt for other methods of penis enlargement. Don't be cheated, though; there are models of penis extenders that deliver both penis length and girth increments. In that case, you only need to shop around for the right device to enjoy an all round grown dick.

  1. Penis extenders are only good for delivering an enlarged dick

This is a complete lie. The users of penis extenders have enjoyed benefits that go beyond an extended male member. Specifically, men who want to have a general enhancement of their penis and its capabilities can rely on penis extenders. These devices are known to help in the correction of Peyronie's disease. This is a condition that causes penile curvature and pain during erections. The right stretching device can help you make your penis as straight as possible. Also, individuals suffering from erectile dysfunction and low libido may use their penis extenders to get rid of these serious problems.

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  1. Penis extenders are unsafe

The truth of the matter is penis extenders are considered relatively safer than other methods of male enhancement available in the market. The device becomes dangerouson selected occasions. Specifically, this happens when the device is faulty or when it hasn't been used correctly. For this reason, users are advised to read the instructions provided carefully and then follow them religiously. Additionally, men are advised against device overuse as this could lead to penile damage.

  1. The results of penis extenders are only temporary

Penis extenders are among the most useful devices as far as the delivery of permanent results is concerned. Unlike other methods, extenders are worn daily for an extended period, say at least six months. During this time, users witness gradual, yet permanent penis gains. In that regard, let no one tell you otherwise. The only disadvantage is; it takes a while before these goals are realised. With sufficient patience and determination, an extender is actuallyamong the most useful ways of having a larger wiener.

  1. Penis extender users have to tolerate severe pain

This is not only incorrect but also misleading. If the device is being used correctly and it's not overused, you shouldn't experience any pain. If you feel pain when wearing the extender, stop usage immediately and seek relevant help. Clearly, something just isn't right and you could seriously hurt your schlong. This is the last thing that any man wants to go through. If the device is used as instructed, you should only experience manageable discomfort which disappears with time as your penis begins to get used to the extender.

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