Erection Health: 5 Natural Ways To Maintain Your Penis

Sex is an important part of our lives – especially when we have a steady relationship going. For this reason, the last thing we want to hear about or even think of is something capable of ruining it for us. Unfortunately, shit happens, and you find yourself in a ditch. Among the things that can happen are problems acquiring or maintaining an erection – especially if it happens at the throng of passion. I cannot think of anything as humiliating and frustrating as an incident of this nature. Men, therefore, need to take utmost care of the health of their penises at all times. You need not wait until you have erection problems to start looking for help, or a way out.

In this article, we consider five natural ways of maintaining the health of your penis to ensure optimal performance at all times.

Get adequate sleep

You need to be sleeping for a minimum of eight hours. You must already be wondering where all these hours of sleep will come from but believe me; it is worthwhile. Readjust your schedule to accommodate enough sleeping time. Obtaining sufficient sleep not only reduces the risk of erection problems but also keeps other health conditions at bay. Many people do not realize the adverse impact of insomnia on their sex lives.

May your fridge never lack watermelon

If there is one fruit that should always be in plenty in your refrigerator, it has to be the watermelon. Many men from all the walks of life swear by its great property of taking care of their erections – including increasing the duration of the erection. Recently, this summer fruit has been nicknamed the ‘natural Viagra.' Apparently, it contains substantial amounts of an amino acid known as citrulline that has the ability to relax, and also dilate the blood vessels – pretty much in the same way as the blue pill and other ED drugs.

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Monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Ensure that your cholesterol levels and blood pressure are checked on a regular basis, say once, or several times annually, depending on your age. Hypertension and high levels of cholesterol are potentially harmful to the blood vessels throughout your body. This could negatively interfere with the functionality of your manhood. Speak with your doctor to determine the lifestyle adjustments you must make to ensure that these two parameters are in check at all times – or at least most of the time.

Stay clear of fatty foods

If you must eat fatty foods, make sure that they contain only healthy fats. Some of the healthy fatty foods include avocado, cheese, dark chocolate, whole eggs, fatty fish, nuts, and Chia seeds among many others. Fruits and vegetables also contain healthy fats as well as fiber. Unhealthy fats raise the level of triglyceride in the bloodstream, an element that is known to interfere with the blood vessels, and consequently, the erections.

Aim at lowering your estrogen levels

When it comes to sex, testosterones are extremely good for men, but estrogen is somewhat an enemy. As such, men should focus on activities that raise their testosterone and lowering their estrogen levels. Engage in regular physical exercises that target weight loss – especially if you are obese, or overweight.

The above five tips offer incredibly easy methods of maintaining the health and in turn, the optimal functionality of your male member. Do not wait until that moment when you realize that your erections are not as strong as they were before. The last thing you want to struggle with at any point in your life is erectile dysfunction.

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