The Truth - Are Male Enhancement Pills Better Than Gels?

Pills or gels? Which is the best way to go? Male enhancement has now evolved into various forms leaving many people wondering about the best form to settle on. Pills and gels are not left out in this war of who is the best. Male enhancement pills are better than gels in the following ways;


When it comes to male enhancement, privacy is very important since no man would love to admit that they are having a problem. Most men prefer remaining silent about the issues they are having with their sexual lives. With the introduction of male enhancement pills, you can now correct your erectile dysfunction issues and enjoy sex without your partner knowing about it. This is more beneficial in a case where you are meeting a new partner for the first time. As a matter of fact, you wouldn’t want your new partner to know about your weakness just as early.

Male enhancement gels, on the other hand, make it exceptionally difficult to keep your erectile dysfunction issues a secret to your partner. You can never get away with the use of gels without your secret being exposed at one time. Furthermore, gels are way more attention seeking and would raise your partner's eyebrows easily.


Pills work after oral consumption while gels work after rubbing or smearing. When you swallow male enhancement pills, they save you the trouble of cleaning yourself up. Male enhancement pills can be taken minutes earlier prior to engaging in sexual intercourse. Just a simple swallowing and you are done.

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Male enhancement gels, on the other hand, require you to apply them on the penis before engaging in sexual intercourse. For some men, this can be time consuming and messy. Also, it is difficult to determine the limit you should apply. You may end up applying more or less quantity of the gel. Furthermore, after a sexual intercourse, you have to clean yourself well.


It is always good to use something that is safe for you and your partner. Our bodies are made differently and it is not strange to find people allergic to different substances. This is the same case when you use male enhancement gels. For some men, they find this irritating for their penis and some have even complained about having rashes.

Male enhancement pills, on the other hand, are the safest form of male enhancement. They work efficiently and are easy to adhere to. When you buy genuine pills from trusted manufacturers, you can be sure to have a gratifying experience with these drugs.


Convenience is one of the benefits you are likely to experience when using male enhancement pills. You can carry them with you and use them anytime and anywhere you prefer. If you are going out to a party or club and expecting to get intimate with someone there, you can take the pills before leaving your residence or at the party and everything is just fine. You only have to wait for the right time.

Male enhancement gels, on the other hand, are limited to use in various places. The most convenient place to use gels is at home where you can apply it as much as you wish. Gels can give you a hard time when planning to go out. Besides, it can be inconvenient to carry gels with you every time you are going out.

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