Male Enhancement: 15 Reasons To Take The Natural Route

Humans are fond of finding solutions in all the wrong places when faced with a problem. You must have heard men, some of them your friends, who have done crazy stuff to bring back their erections. We can blame these weird behaviors on the desperation that kicks in when one has difficulties obtaining or maintaining an erection. For nearly every man, any level of erectile dysfunction is disastrous and one of the causes of stress and sometimes depression.

Besides the numerous ED treatments available, men overlook one important detail – food. Most of them are not aware of the fact that some foods are cut out for boosting their erections. As a matter of fact, this is the first place they should look before pursuing other ways of improving the quality of their erections. Let us consider some of these foods.

Beets and leafy greens

The primary component present in these food items is nitrates. Nitrates are known to improve the performance of the circulatory system. Try leafy greens such as spinach, celery, as well as beet juice. Since they are vasodilators, nitrates help to open up the blood vessels which in turn lead to increased blood flow in the body – including to the penis area. Nitrates are beneficial ingredients in the erectile dysfunction drugs and supplements.

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Some people cannot stand the smell or taste of garlic. However, there are enough reasons why you have to train your sensory organs to get accustomed to this critical food item. Rich in allicin, garlic have the potential to improve the amount of blood flowing to the sexual organs. Besides helping you obtain strong and long lasting erections, garlic also enhances your libido.

Dark chocolate

A natural aphrodisiac, dark chocolate contains a component known as flavonoids that help to improve circulation. As such, if you suspect that your erectile problems are as a result of poor circulation, dark chocolates will come in handy. Flavonoids are also said to be helpful in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Hypertension and too much cholesterol are two major causes of erectile dysfunction. Men with such problems will reap significant benefits from consuming dark chocolate.


Oysters have earned themselves an appealing reputation in the world of male enhancement. Men who have lost their sexual stamina are usually advised to include oysters in their diet to revive it. There is a good reason for the huge attention given to oysters. They contain high levels of vitamin B6 and zinc that act as incredible testosterone boosters. Without sufficient amount of testosterone in the body, your sex drive is likely to die. It is almost impossible for you to have quality erections when you are struggling with low libido. Not to worry though; if you have challenges eating oysters, you may replace them with nuts and seeds as they play a similar nutritional role.


Eating your way to a healthy heart and better circulation goes a long way in boosting your erections. Sufficient supply of potassium in the body also ensures that your sodium levels are in check which in turn keeps your blood pressure under control – besides keeping your risk of suffering heart diseases on the minimum.

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