Are You Using Banned Male Enhancement Pills?

The Food and Drug Administration defines supplements as products aimed at adding further nutritional value to the diet. This is what male enhancement pills are intended to do. It is imperative to distinguish them from erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra. A supplement is said to be unsafe only when it causes significant damage to the health of the user.

As the market for male enhancement products continues to experience tremendous growth, the FDA has taken note of a dangerous emerging trend. Apparently, over-the-counter products that are marketed as male enhancement supplements/pills have hidden, yet potentially harmful active ingredients.

This means that consumers may take pills enriched with varying quantities of ingredients that are common in approved prescription drugs, controlled substances or pharmaceutically active ingredients that have neither been studied nor tested. Undoubtedly, hidden active ingredients are increasingly becoming a huge problem in male enhancement pills. Unfortunately, these deceptive brands of pills may harm you.

The FDA is therefore always on the lookout for such products to keep the consumers protected. So, how do you determine if you are using a safe product?

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FDA wall of shame

All the firms that are caught using illegal ingredients in male enhancement pills and other sexual enhancement supplements are usually listed on the FDA Wall of Shame. Make a point of visiting it and noting down the firms to avoid. However, we must be awake to the fact that FDA is not in a position to test all the male enhancement pills in the market. The consumer advisories and enforcement actions you see only represent a small proportion of the faulty pills on the market. As such, consider the other two tips given below.

Make Google your best friend

Each time the FDA discovers that a company is producing male enhancement pills containing illegal ingredients, it issues a bulletin. Spend as much time researching such enterprises and stay clear of them. Do not be quick to believe in a manufacturer who was formally accused of this kind of behavior even if it had to do with another supplement that has nothing to do with male enhancement. It is impossible to dismiss the chances of them having interfered with their male enhancement pills. You better look elsewhere. There are so many reputable firms that you can trust fully.

Read product reviews and customer testimonials

You can never go wrong with product reviews and testimonials – as long as you can access genuine ones. Reviews from present or past users can help you understand the side effects associated with the product you are eyeing. You may also want to consider reading reviews done by third-party websites. Pay attention to both the negative and positive things that the reviewers have to say about the male enhancement pill. Always have the confidence to check out another brand, if you suspect that something is wrong with the product you were planning to buy – as far as the active ingredients are concerned.

Finally, if you believe that you must take an ED drug, speak to your doctor to give you a prescription. Remember, your doctor will first establish if you are in the right state of health to consume ED drugs.

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