Can Natural Medicine Really Help With Erection Problems?

For any sexual intercourse to happen, a man’s penis must be sufficiently erect to allow for vaginal penetration. A problem arises when a man is unable to achieve an erection or able to achieve an erection but unable to sustain it. This can be very embarrassing and depressing. Men love the feeling of being seen as good and dominant in bed and any shortcoming that may hinder their bedroom performance can be a huge torment.

Erectile problems can affect men at any given age. Many studies have been conducted to determine the causes of erectile dysfunction. Some of the common causes of this infirmity include diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, obesity and metabolic syndrome and the Parkinson’s disease.

Some of these causes are controllable while others are uncontrollable. Obesity can be controlled through a change in eating habits and selection of a healthy diet. Conditions like heart disease may be beyond a man’s control and could adversely affect the quality of his erections. In such cases, proper measures need to be taken to help rekindle a man’s sex life by improving his erections.

Several studies reveal that natural medicine can be used to treat erection problems. Typically, natural medicine is a product of herbal extract. Some of the natural medicines commonly used to treat erection problems today include the Panax ginseng, Rhodiola rosea and Yohimbe among others. They can be consumed fresh from the source or consumed in form of herbal male enhancement pills.

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The Panax ginseng is supported by solid researches proving its effectiveness in countering erectile dysfunction. Seven studies reviewed on the red ginseng and erectile dysfunction in 2008 with dosages ranging from 600 to 1000 milligrams thrice on a daily basis concluded that there was suggestive evidence that the red ginseng could treat erectile dysfunction.

The Panax ginseng looks most effective for men with metabolic syndrome and high lipids in their blood. This natural medicine has an anti-inflammatory action, improves blood flow and improves lung function. These can help counter erection problems.

A particular study conducted on 35 men where 26 men were given 150-200 mg of Rhodiola rosea every day for three months showed that Rhodiola rosea is effective in treating erection problems. This natural medicine has been revealed to minimize fatigue and improve energy. Another natural medicine known to help with erection problems is Yohimbe. This supplement is obtained from the bark of the Yohimbe tree. A number of studies have proven the effectiveness of this natural medicine in the treatment of erection problems.

From the several studies conducted on the various natural medicine used to treat erection problems, it can be concluded that natural medicine is effective and could help any man counter his erectile problems. No man should suffer because of his inability to achieve or sustain an erection with the numerous natural medicines available.

The best way to handle your erectile problems without compromising your health is through conducting a proper medical consultation with your doctor to determine what type of natural medicine would work best for you.

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